The 21 Best Differentiators and How to Find Yours

Every firm says they’re different — but after a while, all those differences start to sound awfully similar. “We care about our clients.” “We do great work.” “We have quality people.” So how do you identify what really sets your firm apart or choose a new, powerfully differentiated direction?

Over the course of the webinar, Hinge’s Lee Frederiksen and Elizabeth Harr explore issues including:

  • Should you identify an existing differentiator of your firm or decide on a new one to pursue?
  • What steps should you take to identify a differentiator?
  • What distinguishes a powerful differentiator, and how do you know that it is meaningful in your marketplace?
  • How can you own a differentiator once you’ve decided on it?

Click here to download the slides» (7.4MB, PDF)