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Rebrand: A Step-by-Step Process for Professional Services

When and how to rebrand can be one of the most consequential decisions a professional services firm can make. In this webinar Hinge's Liz Harr and Kelly Moore share a step by step process for rebranding the right way.

One of the most consequential decisions a professional services firm can make is when and how to rebrand their company. If done correctly, a rebrand can powerfully reposition your firm with a powerful and memorable brand.

Whether you are rebranding your firm for the first time or trying to consolidate multiple brands after a series of acquisitions, you need a reliable process to take your brand—and your business—to the next level.

Join us on Wednesday, April 12th as Hinge’s Liz Harr and Kelly Moore break down exactly how to rebrand a professional services firm. Discover how to know when your firm should consider a rebrand and then learn a proven step-by-step process to get it right. At the end of their presentation, Liz and Kelly will open up the floor for your questions.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The top signs it’s time to rebrand
  • Why some rebranding initiatives go wrong
  • How much you should plan to spend on your rebranding program
  • A proven 7-step approach to a successful rebrand
  • Real-world case examples 
Professional Services Rebrand
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Date: Wednesday, April 12th
1:00 PM
Liz Harr and Kelly Moore
Cost: FREE
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