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Panning for Gold: How to Use Prospect Research to Close More Business, Faster

Join Hinge partners, Lee Frederiksen, PhD, and Karl Feldman as they discuss how prospect research can help you close business more consistently, and in far less time.

Anyone who has sold professional services knows that the business development process is complex and volatile. And for good reason! Most buyers simply can’t afford to choose the wrong firm. And there’s more than money at stake—their professional reputation could be on the line. What if there were a way to make it easy for your buyers to say “yes”?

Introducing prospect research—the secret to closing business more consistently, and in far less time.

In this webinar, join Hinge partners Lee Frederiksen Ph.D. and Karl Feldman as they step you through the prospect research process. They’ll discuss why it is essential that you understand your prospects and their industry—before you call on them. And find out what you need to know and say to persuade a skeptical prospect that you understand their situation and are uniquely positioned to solve their problems.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What buyers are looking for in a partner, and what turns them off
  • The 7 advantages of conducting prospect research
  • How to research individuals, companies, and industries—step by step
  • Real-world stories describing how prospect research helped close deals
Presenters: Lee Frederiksen Ph.D. and Karl Feldman
Cost: FREE

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