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New Data Reveals Need for Automation Technology in Consulting

In this webinar, you will be briefed on the latest research and learn how automation can transform the way consulting firms approach business development client engagement.

Do you struggle to find adequate time to engage new prospects and existing clients at your consulting firm? Do you wish you could deliver personalized content at precisely the right time?

We hear these woes often and wanted answers. So we conducted a study.

Join Hinge’s Managing Partner, Lee Frederiksen, and Seismic’s Senior Director of GSI Alliances, Jeff Quiggle, as they describe key findings from a brand-new study: Accelerating Growth: How Consulting Firms Can Use Technology to Optimize Business Development. 

Lee will review key research outcomes and how to apply these lessons to your firm, and Jeff will lay out a solution for automating the creation and delivery of personalized content at scale.

What you’ll learn:

  • The current state of business development automation in the enterprise-level consulting firm
  • How consulting firms are using content to engage new prospects and existing relationships — and what formats your buyers prefer
  • Why personalizing content is a top challenge, and how you can make it much easier
  • 5 ways automation can simplify the business development process 
  • What an effective “sales enablement” platform looks like, why it’s so valuable, and how you can implement one at your firm

Who is this for? Executives and professionals at large consulting firms who want to streamline the business development process, deliver more personalized content and drive faster growth.

Presenters: Lee Frederiksen & Jeff Quiggle

Cost: FREE

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