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Navigating Uncertainty in AEC: 2021 High Growth Study AEC Insights

Join Hinge Partner Karl Feldman and Account Director Katy Pultz as they walk you through key findings from the just-released 2021 High Growth Study, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Edition.

Recent cultural and economic shifts have accelerated marketing and business development trends for architecture, engineering, and construction businesses. Through these changes, some firms have excelled by growing nearly twice as fast as their average growing peers. What are they doing differently?

Karl Feldman and Katy Pultz will reveal key insights from Hinge’s latest study on the AEC industry – The 2021 High Growth Study: AEC Edition. Learn where the industry as a whole is spending its time and resources and what the high growth cohort is doing differently. Find out how much and where these high growth companies are investing their marketing energy to build their visibility and capture opportunities in an increasingly digital marketplace.

What You Will Learn:

  • The top marketing priorities of high growth AEC firms
  • How much high growth AEC firms spend on marketing
  • How AEC firms are navigating to more digital marketing strategies
  • How COVID-19 had an impact on AEC firms
  • What challenges and opportunities high growth firms are focusing on next
2021 AEC Marketing

Presenters: Karl Feldman & Katy Pultz
Cost: FREE


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