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Marketing in an Age of Uncertainty

Join Hinge's Karl Feldman and Kelly J. Waffle as they present five lessons on overcoming adversity from today’s highest performing firms.

Once again, professional services leaders have cited “uncertainty in the marketplace” as one of their top business challenges—and it’s not hard to imagine why.

The reasons are legion: Rapid swings in demand. Talent acquisition and retention challenges. Shifting cultural norms. Geopolitical environmental and public health catastrophes. The list goes on—yet leaders and marketers like you must carry on. How do you go to market in these topsy-turvy times? And what can we learn from the firms who have grown the most over the last few years of disruption?

In this free webinar, Hinge’s Karl Feldman and Kelly J. Waffle will discuss the evolving marketplace challenges and deliver practical recommendations to make the most of these tumultuous times—advice you can start putting into action today. You’ll walk away with 5 lessons you can apply to your situation. We’ll also dedicate a portion of the webinar to Q&A with Karl and Kelly.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to find opportunities in a time of adversity
  • What high-performing firms do differently to withstand marketplace challenges
  • 5 strategies you can use to strengthen your marketing position during this crisis
  • What your firm should do next

Presenters: Karl Feldman and Kelly J. Waffle
Cost: FREE


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