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Know Thy Audience: 6 Ways Brand Research Drives Success

In this webinar, find out why the best-performing firms often conduct regular research on their target audience—and why you should, too.

If knowledge is power, research is knowledge. Most professional services firms think they know more about their audience than they actually do. Their misguided assumptions can produce poor marketing decisions—and missed opportunities to deliver the services and products their clients want most.

Join Lee Frederiksen and John Tyreman as they explore the six top benefits of brand research for firms like yours. They will support these points with real-world case stories, so you can understand the practical implications of research on your bottom line.

What You’ll Learn

  • What brand research is—and how you can get started
  • How firms that do regular research grow faster and are more profitable
  • What kinds of insights you can expect, and how they affect your marketing
  • How you can use these insights to make your brand more relevant and engaging
  • How real firms are doing brand research and how it influences their business performance
Presenters: Lee Frederiksen & John Tyreman

Cost: FREE

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