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Inside the Buyer’s Brain: How You Can Adapt to Shifting Buyer Behavior

Join Hinge’s Lee Frederiksen Ph.D. and Karl Feldman as they share Hinge's latest data on professional services buyer behavior along with direction on how your firm can adapt and win more business.

What was considered a predictable buyer’s journey at the beginning of 2020 no longer exists today. As the marketplace shifts, the behavior of professional services buyers changes. Hinge’s ongoing research on buyers and sellers helps us track those changes — and how to use this information to help professional services organizations win more business.

And for the first time, Hinge will share this latest data!

Join Hinge’s Dr. Lee Frederiksen and Karl Feldman as they uncover the latest data on professional services buyers. In the webinar, they’ll explore how professional services buyers feel about their service providers, their top challenges, and how they search for service providers, and so much more.

What you’ll learn: 

  • What buyer challenges or priorities have shifted?
  • Are referrals still a sustainable marketing strategy?
  • How are buyers searching for and evaluating professional services firms?
  • How do you address changes in buyer behavior and engage your critical key audiences?

Presenters: Lee Frederiksen Ph.D. & Karl Feldman
Cost: FREE

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