Inside the Buyer’s Brain: How to Turn Insights Into Action

Do buyers seem like they’re from another world? Are sellers’ services a total mystery? We’ve seen these perception gaps again and again. So we set out to uncover how successful professional services sellers close the gaps, close sales, and generate more business. Now we’re excited to talk about what we found.

In our latest study at Hinge, we took a look at over 1,500 buyers and sellers in the professional services marketplace, examining relationships from both sides. We’ve published the results in our new book, Inside the Buyer’s Brain. In this webinar, authors Lee Frederiksen, Sylvia Montgomery, and Elizabeth Harr share key insights from the new book.

What you’ll learn:

  • The challenges that buyers of professional services face
  • Strategies for targeting the right clients
  • Tactics for closing the sale and what tips the scale for winners
  • What sales winners do differently from runners-up
  • How successful firms expand client relationships and get referrals