Professional Services: How Buyers Buy

Get inside the mind of today's cautious professional services buyers and turn them into long-term, loyal clients.

Get inside the mind of today’s cautious professional services buyer and find out how to turn them into long term loyal clients. Learn how they select new firms and how to grow the relationship and garner referrals. You’ll be surprised at what you learn.

Did you know?

  • Two-thirds of your clients don’t know what you do. In fact, 85% of the new services your clients want are things you already offer — but your clients don’t know it (and are likely to go elsewhere)!
  • If you were to list your competitors, then asked your clients to list your competitors, fewer than 1 in 5 companies would appear on both lists.
  • Only 8.4% of professional services firms market themselves the way their clients wish. We’ll tell you what they say they want.

Who Will Benefit?

CEOs, executives and marketing directors at professional services firms

Who We Studied

We conducted in depth interviews with 137 buyers of professional services from the following industries:

  • Technology
  • Accounting & Financial Services
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Management Consulting
  • Government Contracting

Topics Covered

  • Selecting a firm
  • Expanding the relationship
  • Willingness to refer
  • Reasons clients leave

The report includes a Special Section on Rethinking Client Segmentation.