How to Use Technology to Identify and Develop Visible Experts

High visibility experts can transform a firm, helping to command higher rates, close sales, and shape your brand for years to come. At Hinge, we call these folks Visible Experts – and we’ve found that firms’ potential stars are often sitting right under their noses.

So how do you identify future stars and build high visibility expertise? In this webinar, President and CEO of Acuity Business Solutions June Jewell and Hinge Senior Partner Sylvia Montgomery share the answers.

In the webinar, June and Sylvia discuss:

  • What makes a Visible Expert and how they impact their firms
  • How marketers can use technology to understand a firm’s qualifications and experience
  • How you can leverage data about your firm to identify in-house Visible Expert candidates
  • How to develop these industry stars in your firm

Click here to download the slides (1.8MB, PDF)