How Sales and Marketing Work Together to Grow Your Business

In professional services, it’s critical that your sales and marketing systems work in harmony in order to build and maintain a real competitive edge – not to mention grow your firm.

In this webinar from Hinge Marketing and RAIN Group, Lee Frederiksen and John Doerr (co-authors of Professional Services Marketing) share their trailblazing expertise in the world of professional services sales and marketing. Participants will learn how sales and marketing can synchronize their efforts for the greatest value – and exactly how to create this harmony in your firm.

What You’ll Learn:

  • 3 characteristics that separate sales winners from their competition
  • How a compelling marketing plan can set up a sales team for success
  • Tips to use content marketing to build firm visibility and brand strength online

Watch the webinar to gain new insight on how you can ensure that your sales and marketing teams work together to generate more leads and drive growth.

Click Here to Download the Slides (6.3MB, PDF)

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