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How Professional Services Firms Can Thrive in a World of Sustained Uncertainty

Join Hinge managing partners Liz Harr and Karl Feldman as they walk you through key findings from the just-released 2024 High Growth Study. Learn how this data can help your business grow faster and deliver higher profits.

How do some firms generate extraordinary growth and profits year after year—even in a marketplace in which uncertainty seems here to stay? 

Join us for a guided tour of findings from the just-released 2024 High Growth study. Hinge managing partners Liz Harr and Karl Feldman will describe the study’s key findings and explain how each is relevant to your professional services firm. 

Discover what High Growth firms do differently. Learn where these firms have invested their precious resources. And find out what your business can do to emulate their exceptional performance. You’ll leave this webinar with the latest intelligence on the professional services marketplace and practical ideas to bring back to your team.

About the Study: In this ninth edition of the High Growth Study, 824 firms across six professional services industry groups participated in this year’s research. Participants represented firms of all sizes, and they conducted business in every region of the globe.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What firms are most worried about in 2024
  • What marketing tactics the best performing firms plan to prioritize this year
  • How the relationship between marketing and business development has changed
  • How much High Growth firms spend on marketing
  • Specific strategies to improve your firm’s marketing performance

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