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How B2B Research Can Supercharge Your Content Strategy

Kelly Waffle and John Tyreman explain the benefits of using market research in your content strategy—and several low-effort strategies you can use to get started today.

Did you know that the fastest growing businesses in professional services are 3x more likely to use original B2B research in their content strategy than their low-performing peers?Not only can research build your reputation as a data-driven firm, it gives you a wealth of material to write and speak about—so you can take your marketing to a higher gear.

Join Kelly Waffle and John Tyreman of the Hinge Research Institute as they describe why the most successful firms invest in market research—and five easy ways you can rev up your content strategy with original B2B research. Best of all, you don’t even have to do the heavy lifting!

What You’ll Learn

  • How high-growth firms use data to supercharge their content and drive more engagement
  • 5 strategies you can use to get high-quality, original research
  • Why you don’t need to actually do the research to reap its benefits
  • How to pick the right strategy for your firm

Presenters: Kelly Waffle & John Tyreman
Cost: FREE

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