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Hire Power: Strategies from the 2020 Employer Branding Study

Join Hinge partners, Lee Frederiksen, PhD, and Karl Feldman as they take you through brand new research on recruiting, employee retention and employer branding for a changed world.

What are employees looking for in a new firm? Where are firms missing the boat? And how do you attract top talent during a pandemic?

New research is providing some answers.

Join Hinge’s Lee Frederiksen, PhD and Karl Feldman as they walk you through Hinge’s just-released research on employer branding—conducted in the thick of the COVID-19 crisis—and reveal what today’s job seekers expect in a firm. Learn how you can build a killer employer brand that works even in this strange new marketplace.

About the Study: This study of 1,034 talent evaluators and job seekers is the largest of its kind. By comparing responses from prospective employees and employers, it exposes critical gaps and opportunities to build a more appealing and relevant employer brand.

What You Will Learn:

  • What job seekers at different experience levels are looking for—and how what they expect differs from what hiring firms expect
  • How to motivate passive job seekers to join your firm
  • What it takes to build a powerful employer brand that engages job seekers and employees alike
  • How COVID-19 impacts employer brands
  • What are the top employee retention risk factors?
Presenters: Lee Frederiksen Ph.D. and Karl Feldman
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