Henry Schuck – CEO & Founder at DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo

Henry shares his story of being broke in college, working in sales intelligence to becoming the founder of a data-centric tech startup success. Henry shares his experience going through multiple mergers & acquisitions, each with their own flavor.

Henry contends that there are two things important to a successful startup — 1) constantly be learning and listening to the business, and 2) search for and hire the best talent.

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Henry Schuck is the CEO of DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo, a combined organization with $350 million in recurring revenue and 1,000 employees across the globe. Schuck founded DiscoverOrg in 2007 in his law school apartment; since then, the company has undergone 5 mergers and acquisitions and is backed by The Carlyle Group and TA Associates.

Schuck earned his J.D in law from Ohio State University, his business degree from the University of Nevada, and studied comparative law at Oxford.