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Driving Organic Growth: Proven Strategies for Professional Services Firms

Join Hinge's Lee Frederiksen and Kelly J. Waffle as they discuss how you create the kind of growth that builds momentum over time.

Many professional services executives and marketers value one metric above the rest: growth. But not all growth is created equal. So how do you create the kind of growth that builds momentum over time? What are some practical strategies any firm can use to generate sustainable organic growth?

Join Hinge’s Lee Frederiksen Ph.D. and Kelly J. Waffle as they describe strategies any firm—even yours—can use to stimulate organic growth. In this webinar, Lee and Kelly will take an in-depth look at each strategy and then they will explain how you can start implementing them today.

What you’ll learn:

  • 5 key strategies of sustainable organic growth
  • How to become your prospects’ firm of choice
  • What questions to ask when conducting prospect/client research
  • How to elevate the quality of your content marketing
  • Which marketing techniques actually work

Presenters: Lee Frederiksen, PhD and Kelly J. Waffle
Cost: FREE

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