Dr. Tracy Fanara aka “Inspector Planet” – Environmental Engineer & Communications Expert

Dr. Tracy Fanara, aka Inspector Planet, is a passionate environmental engineer fighting to extend humanity’s time on earth.

With appearances on TV shows such as Mythbusters, Animal Outtakes, and The Weather Channel, she is using her platform to educate people on the inter-connectedness of our environment.

Learn more about Tracy aka Inspector Planet:

Tracy has extensive experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling through her doctoral research as well as almost 10 years of engineering consulting experience. She is also well trained in water quality analyses, as she studied the fate of phosphorus in urban environments by “storm chasing” for her Master’s research. Although an engineer, she has research experience in biology including a study of diatoms as quality indicators, seagrass displacement, and eutrophication from nutrient loading. Tracy has also studied the impact of public outreach by social media as well as physical/visual learning, as she mentored and was the design engineer for two integrated, nationally winning, EPA Rainworks Challenge teams.