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Culture Clash: The Employee Experience Problem and How to Fix It

New research uncovers a widening fault line between mid-career professionals and senior executives regarding corporate culture. This new study explores what drives dissatisfaction and what can be done to resolve this culture clash.

The challenges of talent retention and recruiting have intensified in recent years—resulting in the unprecedented turnover of personnel across the professional services. 

What’s driving this churn? Not only are mid-career employees less satisfied with their firms’ corporate culture than their senior management counterparts, but the two groups also disagree on how to improve company culture. It’s a culture clash.

In a new research study from the Hinge Research Institute, Culture Clash: The Employee Experience Problem and How to Fix It, we explore the wide gap in the way mid-career employees and leadership teams see their firm’s culture. You’ll learn why employees leave their firms and what they are looking for in an employer.

Along the way, we offer recommendations you can use to improve your company’s culture—bolstering your employee experience, solidifying your talent retention strategy, and strengthening your recruitment efforts.

What you’ll learn:

  • Satisfaction levels of professional services employees at different levels of their career
  • The impact of company culture on employee retention
  • What affects company culture satisfaction
  • How potential employees research your company culture
  • Top methods for improving company culture

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