Creating the Ultimate Differentiator: How to Innovate Your Business Model

Tired of wimpy differentiators? Looking for a way to gain a powerful and sustainable advantage?

In this webinar, Business Models Inc. CEO Patrick van der Pijl will join our own Lee Federiksen to show you how to build powerful differentiators through a game-changing business model.

With over a million copies sold of the book Business Model Generation, Patrick is a worldwide bestseller and is renowned for his work with organizations like Fujitsu, ING Bank, Microsoft, and 3M.

The webinar explores:

  • New ways of thinking about the value your firm brings to its clients
  • Why business models are such good differentiators
  • In-depth examples of business model innovation
  • How to organize a world-class framework for business model innovation

Click here to download the slides (54.3MB, PDF)