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Bulletproof Marketing Plans for Professional Services

Join Hinge’s Managing Partner, Lee Frederiksen, PhD, and Head of Digital Strategy, Kelly Waffle as they walk you through the science and art of crafting a powerful professional services marketing plan and budget.

How do you develop a marketing plan in today’s topsy-turvy world? In this webinar, you’ll learn how to design an approach that will work in any economy.

Join Hinge’s Managing Partner, Lee Frederiksen, PhD, and Kelly Waffle as they teach you a marketing planning strategy that just keeps working no matter what the world throws at you. In fact, this is the same strategy used by high-growth firms—and you’ll discover how to apply these lessons to your plan.

What You Will Learn:

  • 4 ways you can approach marketing planning
  • How much you should spend on marketing
  • How to build your marketing plan, step by step
  • How decide which techniques to use
  • How to adjust your plan as conditions change
Presenters: Lee Frederiksen & Kelly Waffle

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