Blogging 2.0: How to Convert Content Into Leads & Sales

In this webinar, Matt Heinz from Heinz Marketing and our own Lee Frederiksen walk you through the theory and practice of blogging for professional services firms. They’ll draw on research and explore what works — and what doesn’t — based on their wide experience.

You know your firm needs a blog to grow your audience and build credibility – but what now? How will buyers really use your blog, and how can you create content that expands your readership, generates leads, and ultimately attracts new clients?

Matt and Lee discuss:

  • What the research says about the effectiveness of blogging as a marketing tool
  • Best practices based on experience – what works and what doesn’t on major professional services blogs
  • Key steps to craft a successful blogging platform, including how to allocate resources
  • What it takes to create a high-performing blog post

Click here to download the slides (8.7MB, PDF)