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Aftermath: How Buyers of Consulting Services Have Changed Over the Past Two Years

How are today's consulting firms are found, vetted and selected today by their buyers? New data provides the answers.

Your buyers are changing. Have you noticed?

After two years of marketplace turmoil, the way companies buy consulting services has changed. But in what ways? And what does this mean for firms like yours?

In a brand new edition of our ongoing study, Inside the Buyer’s Brain, we’ve learned a great deal about how the behavior of consulting services buyers has changed—and there are a lot of surprises.

Join Hinge’s Kelly Moore and Consulting Success’s CEO and Co-Founder Michael Zipursky as they explore how consulting firms are found, vetted and selected today. During the webinar, they will share key findings from the new study and reflect on how consulting companies like yours can adapt to stay relevant to your buyers. You’ll leave the session with practical insights you can use in your marketing and business development planning.

If you’re looking for strategic insights grounded in the latest buyer research, don’t miss this exciting free webinar!

What you’ll learn:

  • The top business challenges of today’s consulting buyers
  • How consulting buyers search for and evaluate potential service providers
  • What factors most influence the final selection of a firm
  • Practical tips you can begin implementing today to better reach your buyers
  • How to stay relevant during times of intense change

Presenters: Kelly Moore and Michael Zipursky
Cost: FREE

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