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Accelerating Growth: Insights from Fastest Growing Accounting and Financial Service Firms

Join Hinge’s Lee Frederiksen and Will Casserly as they reveal the latest marketing insights on the accounting and financial services industry.

Today’s marketers of accounting and financial services are working harder than ever to understand shifting marketplace dynamics and respond with the strongest possible marketing plan.

To guide them forward the Hinge Research Institute has released the 2023 High Growth Study: Accounting & Financial Services Edition. This year’s research report reveals four key advantages leveraged by the fastest growing firms: talent, technology, marketing, and strategy.

Join Hinge’s Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D. and Will Casserly as they partner with the Association for Accounting Marketing for a webinar to reveal these four advantages and the latest marketing insights in the accounting and financial services industry. In the webinar, you’ll learn where the industry as a whole is spending its time and resources and what the high-growth cohort is doing differently. Find out why these firms are able to grow 3X faster and generate twice the profits of average firms.

What You Will Learn:

  • The four advantages of high growth firms
  • What high growth firms prioritize in their marketing budgets
  • Where high growth firms see the most marketing impact
  • Actionable tips for adjusting your marketing plan

Presenters: Dr. Lee Frederiksen & Will Casserly
Cost: FREE

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