5 Steps to Build Your 2014 Marketing Plan

There are plenty of questions to answer even before you start planning next year's marketing efforts. Who should be involved in your marketing decisions? How do you create a message fine-tuned to your firm’s vision?

In this webinar, Hinge's Sylvia Montgomery discusses five steps to building next year's marketing plan. She covers:

  1. Creating a Strategic Plan: Who should be involved in the marketing planning process, who should write the plan, and when is the best time to do it?
  2. Establishing a Foundation: How do you make the most effective use of SWOT analysis, and how do you identify the right message?
  3. Offline Marketing Tactics: What are the most effective offline marketing techniques?
  4. Online Marketing Tactics: How should you plan for online content and techniques like search optimization in 2014?
  5. The Rhythm of Marketing Planning: How do create a marketing pattern that’s right for your firm?

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