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The 2023-24 AAM Accounting Marketing Budget Benchmark Study

Welcome to the accounting industry's most comprehensive study of marketing budgets—and what the fastest growing firms do differently.

For over a decade, the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) has partnered with Hinge to create the world’s most comprehensive study of accounting marketing budgets—and the 2023-24 edition has arrived!

This year’s AAM Marketing Budget Benchmark Study dives deeper than ever into the composition of marketing budgets for accounting firms of all sizes. With a special focus on what the fastest-growing accounting firms do differently, this study delivers insights available nowhere else.

New to this year’s edition: 

  1. How firms organize their marketing and business development teams
  2. How marketing teams support their firm’s talent recruiting and retention initiatives
  3. What kinds of technology accounting firms use to propel their marketing programs

We have also expanded the total list of marketing techniques studied to include all the ways modern firms go to market.

And that’s just the beginning. Here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • What percentage of revenue firms dedicate to their marketing budget 
  • What marketing techniques firms are using to help them grow 5X faster than average
  • Which marketing techniques are preferred by slower growing firms
  • Where the fastest growing firms plan to increase their marketing spending
  • How company culture relates to firm growth
  • Details on what kinds of marketing technology is being deployed in the industry

This research study brings unique value to marketers, business developers, and growth-focused leaders at accounting and advisory firms because of the meaningful data it delivers on the programs and initiatives prioritized in the budgets of high-growth firms. Get the most mileage out of your marketing spend by leveraging this powerful benchmarking information .” – Nicole Sterling, President of the Association for Accounting Marketing

About the Study:

  • 115 firms participated
  • 954 offices represented
  • Over 2,400 marketing employees represented
  • Annual revenue represented exceeds $6 billion

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