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2019 High Growth Study

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It’s no secret that the professional services marketplace is undergoing significant change. So what does it take to grow in such an environment?

Hinge’s ongoing High Growth Study aims to answer that question by identifying the strategies and tactics favored by high-growth firms compared to their slower-growing peers.

This year’s study proves to be the biggest yet, with $1 trillion in combined annual revenues from participating firms.

About the Sample:

  • Over 1,000 professional services firms from across the globe
  • Over $1 trillion in combined revenues
  • Over 17 million combined full-time employees
  • Over $120 million in combined marketing budgets

What You’ll Learn:

  • Can rapid growth happen at any size? (Spoiler: it absolutely can)
  • What are the top marketing priorities of high-growth firms?
  • How are high-growth firms budgeting for marketing?
  • Why are high-growth firms so much more successful in digital marketing?

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