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2016 High Growth Research Study - Research Summary

Are you trying to grow your firm and struggling to achieve consistent results? Well, we’re finding answers.

In this inaugural edition of Hinge’s annual High Growth Study we uncover what today’s most successful professional services firms are doing right—and what firms that are failing to grow are doing wrong. We surveyed 526 firms that generate $76 billion in combined revenue, and we uncovered significant differences between firms that grow fast and those that fail to grow at all.

Check out this free study summary and start acting like a high-growth firm today! What You’ll Learn:

  • How 1/3 of firms generate 88% of revenue
  • How high-growth firms are 45% more profitable—while putting less time and money into their marketing
  • The 3 most common characteristics of high-growth firms
  • How high-growth firms market differently
  • How high-growth firms differentiate themselves
  • Which marketing techniques offer the greatest return on effort

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