Understand Your Employees. Keep Them Working For You.

Recent data from the Hinge Research Institute shows that it’s likely that a high percentage of your staff will leave or consider leaving this year—especially mid-career talent. And this finding aligns with what we see happening in the industry. Economists are calling this phenomenon “the great resignation” or “the big quit”. And professional services firms of all sizes are experiencing its effects.

What can be done to hedge against these trends? Is your firm at risk of losing its top performers? Hinge has an easy and affordable answer to challenges like these: Employee experience research.

How it Works

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  2. Launch your survey
  3. Review findings with Hinge experts
  4. Begin implementing changes

Leading companies like these are using our research:

Here are just a few ways you can use Employee Experience Research:

  • Access transparent and authentic sentiments on your firm’s culture
  • Discover risk factors and hidden vulnerabilities for employee retention
  • Gain actionable insight into immediate changes your team can make
  • Unlock guidance on which benefits your employees desire for the future
  • Develop messaging that attracts top talent

And we offer flexible terms and options to suit almost any budget!

Reach out today to learn how employee experience research can guide you through the talent crisis.

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