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Research: Trusted Path to Thought Leadership, Prospect Engagement, and Sales Opportunities

Consistently creating relevant content to raise visibility, go deeper with target audiences, penetrate new markets, and continue sales conversations is often time-consuming, hard, and aggravating. Yet, we continue to do it because it works. In fact, annual research from the Hinge Research Institute consistently has “content development” as a top marketing priority.

But one way to ease the pain and still achieve your content marketing goals is to use customized, sponsored, or licensed research–in whole or part–to drive campaigns with emails, webinars, blogs, articles, social media, video, marketing and sales collateral, and more. Research creates a bridge of trust between you and your target audiences in less time than content from your subject matter experts can. Yes, there are many powerful ways that research can increase your revenue and help you grow.

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It Strengthens Your Thought Leadership

People in your industry are searching for answers to business problems. Most of those searches happen online. Research not only helps you identify the problems your audiences face, but can position your organization as the authority they can turn to through association.. How? Research equips you with a wealth of powerful data, findings, insights, and tips to fuel your content marketing machine. The content you produce and share can engage with new audiences, strengthen your reputation, and build trust--so that you can move on to conversations around your value faster.


It Drives More Prospect Engagement

Once that trust is built, doors are unlocked. Prospects put down their guard and start engaging with you more for your perspective and solutions to their problems. They start feeling better about your experience and expertise. Let’s face it, there are other organizations that offer solutions similar to yours. Research is a great differentiator and can be the consideration that sways a prospect to look closer at you than at a competitor.

When your insights close gaps in industry knowledge and open up new opportunities, it’s far easier to get more prospect engagement. Frequent research into your audiences’ pains and desired gains will help you deliver relevant insights ahead of your competitors.


It Gives You a Variety of Options To Get Started With

It’s true. Our own annual research on high growth firms that organizations that leverage research on a quarterly basis, consistently grow more and faster than their competitors. They are also more profitable.

Research is the great neutralizer that takes opinion out of a lot of decision making. It either validates what someone is already thinking or it convinces them to change their mind. In either case, it gives them the confidence to move forward with their decision.


It Increases Sales Opportunities

There is so much flexibility to leveraging research. Some want to dive deep into original research and get specific answers to specific questions from specific audiences. Others do not have the time or budget for original research and want to get started tomorrow with licensed existing research. Still others are trying to penetrate a new market and want to have their logo associated with the research by sponsoring it.

There are some of the more popular ways that clients are taking advantage of research from the Hinge Research Institute:

  • Commission original research
  • License existing research
  • Sponsor an upcoming study

  • Collaborate on a study
  • Engage in a co-branded webinar
  • Collaborate on a study

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