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Research: Key to Association Growth in a Digital World

Members look to their professional associations for market insights and community. If those insights are high-quality and relevant, members are are more likely to renew year after year.

How do you generate unique, high-quality insights? In a word, research. Research-based content can help you achieve your goals.

The Hinge Research Institute created this resource kit for Associations interested in working with us. Click the button below and download the free resource guide.

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Attract More Leads

People in your industry are searching for answers to business problems. Most of those searches happen online. Research not only helps you identify the problems your audiences face, but positions your association as the authority they can turn to. How? Research equips you with a wealth of powerful data to fuel your content marketing machine. The content you produce and share can draw new audiences and strengthen your reputation.


Drive More Conversions

Professionals and businesses turn to you for ideas, answers, and networking opportunities. When your insights close gaps in industry knowledge and open up new opportunities, it’s far easier to recruit new members. Frequent research into your audiences’ pains and desired gains will help you deliver relevant insights ahead of your competitors.


Encourage retention, lower churn

As their budgets tighten, your members have to decide whether the benefits of membership outweigh the costs. By researching your members and your marketplace, you can develop exciting new offerings or fine tune existing programs—so you can deliver more value and keep your members longer.


Establish new revenue streams

Many of our association partners have turned research studies into valuable new sources of revenue.

The good news is, you don’t have to tackle a research study on your own. In fact, the Hinge Research Institute gives you wide range of options at different price points to access the critical research you need:

  • Conduct original research
  • License existing research
  • Sponsor an upcoming study
  • Collaborate on a study

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