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We created Hinge University to teach busy valuation professionals and marketers like you the strategies and skills used by the fastest-growing firms. Learn everything in bite-size chunks of 10 minutes or less. Even access Hinge University on the go!

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We designed our platform to be simple to use—at work, at home or on the go.

We completely redesigned our platform, making it simpler to use at home or on the go.

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- How to differentiate and position your firm; - How to build a high-growth Visible Firm™; - How to start blogging; - How to develop a successful content marketing program; - What goes into a high-performance website; - How to conduct a webinar; - How to promote your content on LinkedIn; - How to create a compelling elevator pitch.

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What people say

“What a valuable resource for a consultant like me. I wish I could keep it all to myself!”

James Del-Gatto
CEO, Black Slate

“This worked well with my busy schedule. I learned everything I needed — from SEO to positioning to writing copy.”

Marc Foster
VP & Senior Environmental Planner, Cypress Environmental Science & Engineering

“Hinge University gave me the insights and structure I need to take my marketing to the next level!”

Joost Beukers
Partner, Verdonck, Klooster & Associates

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So little time, so many ways to learn

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Master a new skill by reading a step-by-step How-To

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Deep-Dive Courses teach you what the leaders do

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Quick Start Kits overview broad topics in less than an hour

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Built on the industry’s leading research

Everything we teach in Hinge University is founded on our ongoing research into high-growth professional services firms. Our decade-long High Growth Study includes over 40,000 firms and their buyers. No other learning platform is so data driven.

Meet the instructors

Karl Feldman

The leader of our AEC practice, Karl has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, marketing director and firm principal. He speaks at conferences around the country and writes for a wide range of industry publications.

Lee Frederiksen, PhD

Lee left a tenured professorship at Virginia Tech to pursue a career as a serial entrepreneur. Managing Partner and Research Director at Hinge and the author of six books, he is considered a leading authority on high-growth professional services marketing.

Liz Harr

A former technology firm CEO, Liz has been both a buyer and seller of professional services. A partner at Hinge and leader of its Technology and Consulting practices, she speaks and writes frequently on firm growth.

Aaron Taylor

A founding partner and Creative Director of Hinge, Aaron is co-author of three books on professional services marketing and an authority on professional services brand messaging.

Our instructors are widely published

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