LinkedIn is one of today's most frequently used online business tools. In a recent study by Hinge of 500 professional services firms, this platform was clearly favored compared over Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. 

Technique Usage Rating Chart: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Although Facebook may dominate in overall users, there’s no doubt that LinkedIn is the bee’s knees when it comes to online business networking. Lead generation, brand building and talent acquisition are just a few proven benefits of this powerful communication medium.

How can you leverage Linkedin to boost your marketing efforts?

If you’re looking to generate real value from your social media efforts, you’re in for a treat.  Hinge has developed a guide—tailored for executives—that will walk you through building the optimal LinkedIn strategy.  Download this free guide now and you will learn:

  • The top LinkedIn tools and why they are powerful
  • A 10-minute-a-day LinkedIn plan
  • Tips for building your brand on LinkedIn
  • How to interact in groups and start a group of your own
  • Proven techniques for generating leads on LinkedIn