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Renee Servinsky

Marketing Strategist

When clients need to increase online visibility, boost social media engagement, and improve the volume and quality of traffic to their websites, Reneé’s there to help. As a Marketing Strategist at Hinge, her outgoing, friendly personality combined with stellar research and pitching skills help firms find publications and blogs that their audiences frequent and contribute guest articles to those sources. By expertly managing clients’ social media activities, Reneé locates and connects clients with industry influencers and fans, and amplifies the reach of clients’ online marketing.

Prior to joining the Hinge team, Reneé worked at Marriott International for six years in multiple roles including business development, sales, and account management. Most recently, Reneé was a Global Account Executive where she facilitated large, multinational organizations hosting meetings and events at Marriott hotels around the world.

Reneé holds a B.S. in Marketing from James Madison University. She resides in Herndon, VA. When she’s not working, you’ll find her traveling, cooking and taking lots of pictures.