Sylvia Montgomery’s Communiqueso Interview Highlights Published

Sylvia Montgomery, Senior Partner at Hinge, was interviewed for Communiqueso’s podcast on June 20 and 23, 2016. The transcript of the interview highlights from the podcasts, which are titled, “Original Research as a Marketing Tool” was published on Communiqueso’s site.

When asked what drives professional services firms to conduct research, Sylvia noted, “Many times it has to do with the fact that a firm is not growing anymore… Many of the firms that we work with are middle-market firms – meaning they’ve been around for some time. So, over time they’ve added more services and all the sudden, it’s very unclear to them AND their clients what they actually do.”

Sylvia shared some ideas for how firms can promote their research through content marketing, such as blog posts on key research points and speaking presentations.

She also succinctly explained the value of research, stating, “Every time you do [research], you’re getting closer to the respondents.”

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