“The topic of branding has always earned plenty of airtime in marketing circles. While HR professionals count on a strong brand to support efforts to recruit and retain the best people for their firms, they’ve not always seen how their function can directly contribute to building and differentiating that brand. Hinge Marketing recently completed the Employer Branding Study among professional services firms to learn more about what constitutes a strong employer brand – from the perspective of both talent evaluators and the job seekers themselves. Over 1,000 professionals responded to our survey for the 2020 Employer Branding Study, from firms across the spectrum of professional service businesses. First, let’s speak broadly about how these respondents view the concept of an employer brand. The most important factor is a well-defined company culture, one that is widely understood and clearly communicated. Logically enough, the brand you present as an employer should run parallel with your client-facing brand. So – having a strong company culture is absolutely essential for both evaluating how new talent will fit into your organization, and attracting the right new talent in the first place. The study explored a range of questions: What are recruits looking for at different stages of their career? How do mergers and acquisitions affect the employer brand?”

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