“For progressive profiling, you’d have a series of downloads that a single user acquires. Each time, they divulge a little more information about themselves via dynamic forms. Here’s how Kevin Bloom, Director of Marketing and Digital Marketing Consultant at Hinge, uses this strategy.

We began using progressive profiling several years ago and have enjoyed watching our inbound leads and engagement grow. Website visitors who download a piece of our premium content share with us their name, email, and industry. When they want to download a second piece of content, our forms present fields for additional info like their role and company. This allows us to keep our forms short and less intrusive. The key, however, is to provide content they find useful and relevant enough for them to volunteer their information, a little at a time, and keep coming back for more. Otherwise, data gathering would be intrusive.

And it apparently works quite well: ‘About 30% of our mailable list has downloaded more than one piece of content. Our best inbound leads have gone through all four stages of our progressive profiling and most likely have attended a recent webinar.’

In the meantime, you’re also collecting email addresses for your mailing list, with the ability to automatically tag and segment them based on the content they downloaded.”

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