Journal of Accountancy Quotes Lee Frederiksen

In the article, “How new CPAs can build a book of business,” Lee Frederiksen is widely quoted in the “Networking through social media and content marketing” section. Speaking on this subject, Lee notes, “What the research shows is that firms that grow the fastest place less emphasis on traditional marketing techniques like referral marketing, and more on online techniques like blogging and social media.” He goes on to say that “Social media and content marketing—using content you’ve created such as blog posts, articles, videos, and speeches to raise your profile—can be a way of getting leads from people you’ve never even met…Many people who are not your clients can learn about you and your expertise through speaking engagements, blog posts and articles, and social media.”

Speaking on blogging, Lee advises, “You’re better off writing about the business challenges your clients face rather than technical accounting issues…The thing that helps you get clients is to make something complicated simpler to them.” Lee also stresses the importance of promoting content on social media and using search engine optimization techniques.

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