“According to LinkedIn’s Brand Statistics report, candidates trust current employees three times more than the company itself to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there. In addition, firms with highly visible experts attract more leads, command higher fees and grow faster, according to the book “The Visible Expert.”

Visible experts have a halo effect on the firm. Candidates who see your visible experts in a positive light are likely to believe that your firm is wonderful, too. Thus, invest in securing interview, writing and speaking opportunities for your lawyers, and in social media training for  using LinkedIn (a major job-search hub) to build their individual reputations. Thanks to the halo effect, this will build your firm’s reputation.

Media mentions, in particular, drive a firm’s credibility as they serve as a third-party validation of a firm’s experience when an attorney is quoted. Getting quoted by or writing an article for a media outlet that has a high Google authority score also increases the chance a search will pull up those mentions.”

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