New Study Uncovers How Much the Past Two Years have Reshaped B2B Buyer Challenges, Preferred Channels, and Decision Making

Reston, VA, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The past two years have reshaped buyer behavior for good, and sellers are struggling to keep up, according to the fourth edition of “Inside the Buyer’s Brain,” the Hinge Research Institute’s (HRI) study of professional services buyers and their sellers. Competition and technology/data issues made the list of top buyer challenges, jumping 54% and 137%, respectively. As competition heated up and the need to stand out was more urgent, sellers’ visibility plunged an alarming 37%. Buyers faced with uncertainty stuck to brands they knew, their use of “existing relationship” as a method to evaluate vendors surging 79%, setting back sellers who were either new to the marketplace or had failed to promote their work with clients.

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