“Put your big girl pants on and just do it! My mom gave me this sage advice when I went through a period of simultaneous personal, financial, and professional reinvention. One facet of reinvention is intimidating enough, but when you have to totally rebuild yourself in each of these areas all at the same time, well, it can feel insurmountable. There were so many days when I felt like nothing I did was up to par — I was inexperienced relative to the other professionals in the area I was about to enter. While I had strong academics behind me, it wasn’t directly related to my new field. I wasn’t able to bring a huge book of business. I wasn’t heavily networked. I had every justification for why my reinvention wasn’t going to work. My mom, rightly so, wouldn’t have any of that and in a Suze Orman sort of way told me I shouldn’t either!”

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