Lee Frederiksen’s Article Featured in September Issue of CPA Practice Mangagement Forum

Lee Frederiksen’s latest article, “Wooing Potential Clients: Shedding Light on How Buyers Choose an Accounting Firm,” was featured as the lead article in the September 2013 issue of CPA Practice Management Forum.

From the CPA Practice Management Forum Editors:
Lee W. Frederiksen/Hinge, discusses what his firm found when it went to the source and asked buyers how they find, hire, and retain accounting and financial services firms. One study looked at over 700 business-to-business sales using 42 different factors to discover the difference between winning firms and those that did not get hired. Winners sold very differently than runners-up. In fact, the number-one factor for winning firms was rated dead last (42nd) for firms that did not get that deal. This factor was: “Educated me with new ideas or perspectives.” The winners were doing it; the losers were not. This revelation highlights two problems that are detailed in this article: (1) relevancy and (2) education.

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