Sylvia Montgomery to Speak at SEA-MW Meeting

Sylvia Montgomery, CPSM and Senior Partner and Hinge to present “Top 5 Brand Building Strategies for Professional Services” for Structural Engineers Association of Metropolitan Washington (SEA-MW).

Date: January 16, 2013

Time: 6:30 pm EST

Location: Vienna, VA

What Sylvia will cover:

  • Best brand building strategies and why they work
  • Examples of firms leveraging their brand
  • Roadmap to establishing your firm’s brand

About SEA-MW

Structural Engineers Association of Metropolitan Washington provides the perfect forum to bring together structural engineers in a way that leads to networking, common problem solving, and the sharing of knowledge and ideas. Their participation in the National Council of Structural Engineers Association, NCSEA, gives them the opportunity to band together with other SE organizations. The challenges are many and through collective strength SEA-MW strives to improve the practice of Structural Engineering.