Sylvia Montgomery to Present Joint Webinar with ACEC

Sylvia Montgomery, CPSM and Senior Partner at Hinge to Present Joint Webinar with the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

Date: June 9, 2015 from 1:30-3:00PM EST

Subject: The 21 Best Differentiators for Your Firm

Every firm says they’re different—but after a while, all those differences start to sound awfully similar. “We care about our clients.” “We do great work.” “We have quality people.”

To be successful, a differentiator must meet three essential criteria: it must be true, it must be relevant to prospects, and it must be provable. But most differentiators fail to meet all three of these principles.

So how do you identify what really sets your firm apart or choose a new, powerfully differentiated direction?

In this webinar, Hinge Marketing Senior Partner Sylvia Montgomery, CPSM, will explore 21 ways that your firm can differentiate itself to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Learning objectives:

  • 21 differentiators that work for professional services firms
  • Steps that your firm can take to identify its existing differentiators or new ones to pursue
  • What distinguishes a powerful differentiator and how to know that it’s meaningful in your marketplace
  • How to own your differentiators and live them out

About the American Council of Engineering Companies:

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) is the voice of America’s engineering industry. Council members – numbering more than 5,000 firms representing more than 500,000 employees throughout the country – are engaged in a wide range of engineering works that propel the nation’s economy, and enhance and safeguard America’s quality of life. These works allow Americans to drink clean water, enjoy a healthy life, take advantage of new technologies, and travel safely and efficiently. The Council’s mission is to contribute to America’s prosperity and welfare by advancing the business interests of member firms.

ACEC’s roots date back to 1909 when a small group of engineers in private practice established the American Institute of Consulting Engineers (AICE), the forerunner of ACEC. Today ACEC is a large federation of 51 state and regional councils representing the great breadth of America’s engineering industry. ACEC member firms employ hundreds of thousands of engineers, architects, land surveyors, scientists, and other specialists, responsible for more than $200 billion of private and public works annually. Member firms range in size from a single registered professional engineer to corporations employing thousands of professionals.