Our Presenter: Elizabeth Harr

Presentation Title: Marketing Insights from the Fastest-Growing Professional Services Firms

Presentation Description:
Whether it’s because of changing buyer behavior, a tumultuous economic landscape, or rapid cultural change, today’s marketers are working overtime to understand the shifting marketplace so they can respond accordingly.

Enter Hinge’s latest research studies on the professional services industry, the 2021 High Growth Study, and Inside the Buyer’s Brain. These research studies reveal changes in buyer behavior and how the fastest-growing firms adjusted their marketing priorities to reach their audiences.

Join Hinge partner Liz Harr as she reveals the latest buyer behavior and marketing insights in the professional services industry.

During this DMC online event, you will learn:

  • Where the industry as a whole is spending its time and resources and what the high-growth cohort is doing differently
  • Find out why these firms are able to grow 3X faster and generate twice the profits of average firms
  • How buyer behavior is shifting in the professional services industry
  • What high growth firms prioritize in their marketing budgets
  • Where high growth firms see the most marketing impact
  • The top marketing techniques prioritized by time-crunched marketers

About Elizabeth Harr
Elizabeth Harr is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive specializing in brand management and growth strategies for professional services firms. A partner at Hinge, she leads Hinge’s business development team, helping businesses solve critical marketing and brand-related challenges.

Prior to joining Hinge, Elizabeth co-founded a Microsoft solutions provider company and grew it into a thriving organization, that became known for its expertise in Microsoft customer relationship management.

Elizabeth has co-authored several books and reports published by the Hinge Research Institute. She holds a Master’s degree in International Economics from Columbia University in New York and a B.A. from University of Missouri – Columbia. Elizabeth is a recognized Visible Expert®.

When not at Hinge, Liz self-publishes children’s books around the subject of community service, inspired by her own three sons. Liz, her husband, 3 kids, and 2 rescue dogs love simply hanging together, especially in the great outdoors.

Connect with Liz on LinkedIn, or her company website Hinge Marketing
Event Note: Often our events run over 1-hour by the time we get through all Q&A. Please be aware that we will be recording this event and it will be available shortly after we conclude.

Who Should Attend?:

Professional Internet Marketers
Savvy Sales Professionals
Marketing Directors, Managers, CMO’s
PR and Communications Professionals
Business Owners
Anyone who wants to learn how to take digital marketing to the next level, and generate revenue for your business


Wednesday, July 21st, 12 pm Mountain

12 PM: Livestream begins
12:40-ish: Q&A
1:PM-ish End Presentation.


No Charge. It’s Free, and unlimited capacity. Recording of the event will be made available shortly after the presentation ends.