Your professional network is fertile ground for referral business. How do you grow that network beyond the people you meet in person? 

Liz Harr, Partner at Hinge, will share some of our latest research on effective referral marketing:

  • Social media has grown to become an essential networking tool, hosting vibrant, ongoing conversations between industry leaders – that much is no longer up for debate. Consider that 60% of professional services buyers rely on social media to evaluate potential providers — if you’re not visible in social channels, you’re capping your network considerably.
  • 52% of potential clients have ruled out a referral before speaking with them — learn why this happens, and what you can do to reverse that trend.
About Ingleside: Ingleside is the umbrella organization of three premier not-for-profit Life Plan communities located within the Washington DC metropolitan area. Ingleside Inspire is a monthly meeting ground offering leadership development and networking opportunities to executives and professionals in the elder care community, ranging from sales and marketing executives to elder care attorneys to financial planners.