Lee Frederiksen to speak in Mumbai, India

Lee Frederiksen will give two presentations in Mumbai, India. Addressing the firm Nishith Desai Associates and leaders in the Indian professional services market, Lee will speak on what it takes to be a high growth firm and applying Hinge’s newest referral marketing research.

Date: January 16 and 19, 2016

Topic: What it Takes to be a High Growth Firm and Referral Marketing

About Nishith Desai Associates:

Nishith Desai Associates is a research-based Indian law firm with offices in Mumbai, Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Singapore, Mumbai BKC, Delhi and Munich that aims at providing strategic, legal and tax services across various sectors; some of which are IP, pharma and life-sciences, corporate, technology and media. The firm contributes insight through articles and other resourceful reports to publications on the growing Indian economy and its legal impact on the US and other developed nations. The firm continues to be ranked consistently as one of the top 5 in India.