Hinge will host an AEC TweetUp on Thursday, February 9th. Join our moderator, @BrandStrong (Sylvia Montgomery), for “virtual coffee” during this online chat. Join us at hash tag #aecHingeMarketing.

Date: Thursday, February 9th
Time: 11:00 am E.S.T.


TweetUp FAQs

Is a tweetup a bird?

No. A TweetUp is when a group of Twitter users meet up in person or online to have a friendly conversation and/or discuss a particular topic. A TweetUp is an event that is fully orchestrated online via the Twitter social networking website.

Isn’t the Twitter social network full of thousands of users. How will I find the conversation?
Log onto Twitter. Then search for the hash-tag (#) — the equivalent of the channel for the conversation. Ours will be #aecHingeMarketing.

Do I need to prepare in advance?
No, you only need to have a Twitter handle and have some general familiarity with the social network.

Is the event formal or informal?
TweetUps run the gamut — from the quickly arranged to the highly organized. Some TweetUps are simply an informal opportunity for a group of people who “follow” each other online to meet and/or have a specific conversation.

How many people will be attending?
Turnout for these events can be difficult to predict. Think of it as an opportunity to network online (without geographic limitations). Twitterers have a tendency to invite friends — the more the merrier. You just never know who will show up.

How do I actually engage?
Some participants prefer to just “listen” in on the conversation while others prefer to be more active and actually engage in discussion. There are no rules on how much you have to participate. It is up to you.

What if I miss it?
We’ll be making a transcript available online. No worries!

Any other questions? Feel free to email: sylvia@hingemarketing.com