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To fully understand your buyers and influencers, identifying your target audience is essential. Lee Frederiksen covers 4 ways to identify your target audiences for a focused and efficient marketing strategy.


Today I wanna talk to you about identifying your target audiences.

Who should be in your target audience?

Now, we all know that target audiences are important but sometimes you’re not clear about who should be in your target audience.

1. Target Clients

Well, the first group that should be in your target audience, of course, are your target clients. And think about what are the types of clients that I want more of, what are my best clients who I can do the best job with those? Not that you could conceivably help anybody, but who’s the best fit with it?

2. Influencers

The second area to look for identifying your target audience is your influencers. These are people that are turned to by your target client group to get advice. They may be internal people on the staff or they could be outside influencers or referral sources. So think about those second.

3. Business Partners

A third area to look for your target audience is in business partners. And by business partners, I mean firms that you might either work with on a project or you might market together and do some marketing partnerships.

By identifying those as a target audience, it’ll help you understand who are the best ones to partner with and what do they need to hear about our firm.

4. Potential Employees

Finally, consider potential employees because that’s a big driver for a lot of firms in terms of their ability to grow is their employees.

Now, that doesn’t mean these four aren’t the only possible ones. You might have other people like analysts who follow your firm if you’re a large publicly traded company, for example. Or there may be other ones, but use this basic structure as a good way to get started identifying your target audience.

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