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We surveyed over 800 employers and job seekers to better understand how an employer brand can benefit firms. Download the free study and learn all about today’s complex recruiting environment.

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Hi, I am Lee Frederiksen. Today I am very excited to talk to you about the release of our new Employer Branding Research. This is very exciting.

What we did was as far as we know the first time anyone’s ever done this for professional services, we looked at both sides of the equation at the same time. We looked at the employer’s side, what employers are thinking about employer branding and we looked at the job candidate’s side, how job candidates look at it. This study had over 700 participants on both sides of it together, and we saw what’s the difference.

Download the free study today and discover what a strong employer brand can do for your firm

For example, we looked at how do job seekers evaluate potential employers in the professional services areas? What do they look for? There are some surprises there. Some of the things they look for are not necessarily what you would have expected to be at number one.

Also, how can your employers make the firms more valuable to top talent? What does top talent look for in terms of joining a firm and staying at a firm? And what kinds of candidates are in high demand? What are you competitors looking for? And what sort of competition are you gonna face in the marketplace? The research is free, download your copy today.